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From excellent/friendly hotel staff to breathtaking views, we were treated like royalty and felt we were in paradise the entire stay. The amount of detail everyone shows is, making sure you have the most excellent experience all around. Will come back!

I couldn’t recommend this hotel more highly! It’s the best in Acapulco, and the service is incredible. If you want to stay in the best hotels in Acapulco without a doubt, you must remain at the Banyan Tree. I will be back soon!

You don’t have to do anything; only you have to stay all day long at your villa, with tasteful room service, an incredible room, bathroom, bed, a beautiful view to the sea, an excellent service, excellent restaurants, all is perfect at that hotel!

Banyan Tree was ideal. I wanted to spend quality time in a dreamlike setting with my wife, and Banyan Tree provided just that. The General Manager, Jose Portocarrero, one of the girls at the Reception, Ana Maria (sorry I forgot your last name) and the rest of the staff (waiters, chefs, bellboys, drivers, housekeeping, landscaping, etc, etc etc) made sure that the days we spent at BT were unforgettable. We’ll take all your el cielo private tour recommendations!

You see places like BT in magazines and only dream about enjoying them sometime… well this time we were able to make that dream come true. The setting of the hotel is fantastic… the privacy of having each villa be separate from one another, the possibility of being able to order villa-dining 24 hours, the way the hotel staff went out of their way to cater to our own needs when they certainly did not have to, made this dream come true.

The setting was lovely. We loved our independent pool. We had s terrace with a fantastic view — very comfortable and complete room. Excellent service. Would return. We have fully recommended.

Love that is pet-friendly, I went with my two dogs, and they had a great time, the spa is refreshing, and the service is excellent, I highly recommend the hotel for a weekend getaway with family or a romantic escape.

Linda Eaton